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A menu, filled with the tastes of Portugal

In our menu we offer surprising and delicious dishes. From the sea, we receive the salmon, the codfish or the lobster. From the land, we get the veal, the duck and a lot of other options that combine with unique ingredients like green asparagus, a vinaigrette with seaweed, or linguini. On the dish they evolve into flavours, full of smells and textures, which will astonish your sense of taste. Because when culinary tradition meets innovation, something unexpected happens.

Regarding our liquid selection, the Gardens can offer you a collection of the best wines of Portugal.

Check our menu and start to be delighted.

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Whenever our Chef gets inspired, delicious things happen! Do you manage to resist?


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Traditional Fried Green Beans with Tartar Sauce 6.70€
Stewed Prawns 12.00€
Gratin Goat Cheese with Wild Berries Jam 8.00€
Gratin “Palhais Cheese (Goat Cheese) with Honey and Walnuts 8.00€
Provençal Portobello Mushrooms 12.20€
Scrambled Eggs with Traditional Sausage 7.20€
Traditional Stewed Clams 16.00€
Stuffed Eggs on a Nest of Sweet Potatoes and Iberian Salad 7.20€
Sautéed Paris Mushrooms with Red Peppers 10.45€



Soup of the Day 3.00€
Seafood Cream with Prawns and Croutons 5.30€



Menu Kids

Loin Steak with Egg, Fried Potatoes and White Rice 13.10€
Grouper Filet with Boiled Potatoes and Carrots 13.10€


from the Earth

Matured Rib-eye Veal Loaf (2 people) 43.15€
King Boar 18.10€
Veal Tournedos with Roquefort 21.15€
Veal Tournedos with Pepper 21.15€
Veal Tournedos à la Gardens with Nero Linguini 21.15€
Veal Tournedos with Corn Bread Crumble and Aromatic Herbs 21,15€
Grilled Bull Ribs 18.90€
Portuguese Sirloin Steak 16.50€
Black Pork Steaks with Old Mustard Sauce 17.10€
Charcoal Grilled Black Pork Steakse 16.50€
Duck Filet with Orange Sauce 18.60€


From the Sea

Grilled Codfish Filet 18.10€
Gardens Codfish 17.20€
Roasted Octopus with Garlic and Olive Oil 17.10€
Lobster from the African Coast Curry with Basmati Rice 24.10€
Lobster Linguini 24.10€
Grouper Casserole w/ Mozambique Shrimp (2 people) 37.00€
Algarvia Octopus Grouper Casserole 18.10€
Shrimp and Green Asparagus Scramble 18.15€
Shrimp and Shitake Mushroom Risotto 18.00€
Grouper (kg) 51.00€
Seabass (Kg) 42.00€
Turbot (Kg) 39,25€
Flounder (Kg) 50.35€
Atlantic Wreckfish (Kg) 62.00€
Red Mullet  (Kg) 58.15€
Gilt-head Bream (Kg) 39.10€
Grilled Japanese Tiger Prawns (Kg) 79.00€



Mozzarella, Arugula and Basil Salad 12.60€
Gardens Salad 13.80€
Salmon with Seaweed Vinaigrette Salad 15.50€



Egg Pie with Almond Filling 6.15€
Mixture of Chocolate and Hazelnuts 6.10€
Jivara Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake 6.10€
Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream 6.30€
Wild Berrie Jam Soup With Lemon Ice Cream 6.05€
Homemade Crème Brule over Apple Puree 5.95€
Chocolate Mousse Sugar-Free 5.95€
Caramelized Rice Pudding 5.95€
Orange Cheesecake 5.60€
Cheesecake with Red Fruits Coulis 5.60€


The prices listed include VAT at the applicable rate in force.
The dishes are subject to change, in accordance with the inspiration of the chef. Prices subject to change without previous notice.
Lose yourself in our wine list and let yourself be surprised.
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