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A menu, filled with the tastes of Portugal

In our menu we offer surprising and delicious dishes. From the sea, we receive the salmon, the codfish or the lobster. From the land, we get the veal, the duck and a lot of other options that combine with unique ingredients like green asparagus, a vinaigrette with seaweed, or linguini. On the dish they evolve into flavours, full of smells and textures, which will astonish your sense of taste. Because when culinary tradition meets innovation, something unexpected happens.

Regarding our liquid selection, the Gardens can offer you a collection of the best wines of Portugal.

Check our menu and start to be delighted.

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Traditional Green Beans Tempura with Tartar Sauce 7,95€
Chopped Seasoned Olives 2,50€
Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Asparagus Sprinkled with Ham 7,80€
Alheira Croquettes 6,95€
Al Ajillo Shrimp 15,55€
Dishevelled Small Shrimps with Lime Mayonese (4 per Serving) 7,95€
Goat Cheese Gratin with Wild Berries Jam 7,95€
Palhais Cheese Gratin with Honey and Nuts 7,95€
Mushrooms with Prosciutto, Madeira Wine and Cream 8,75€
Provençal Style Portobello Mushrooms 9,40€
Sautéed Paris Mushrooms with Morrón Peppers 8,60€
“Farinheira” Smoked Sausage with Scrambled Eggs 8,20€
Bulhão Pato Style Clams 21,00€
Mushrooms Stuffed with Game Meat Sausage 7,40€
Laminated Tomato with Mozzarella and Oregano 5,95€
Padrón Peppers 6,50€



Mozzarella, Arugula and Basil Salad 13,50€
Goat Cheese Salad with Apple, Honey and Walnuts  13,80€
Tropical Salad 13,50€
Shrimp Salad Sprinkled with Parmesan 16,50€
Salmon Salad Perfumed with Seaweed Vinaigrette 16,50€


Daily specials

MON Brás Codfish 14,90€
TUE Bairrada Style Piglet Roasted in the Garden’s Oven 16,00€
WED Beef Wellington Tenderloin 16,35€
THU Our Style Octopus with Portuguese Corn Bread 15,50€
FRI Codfish Dumplings with Beans Rice 15,80€
SAT Shrimp Moqueca 16,50€
SUN Baked Goatling in the Oven 16,95€



Brás Style Leek 15,50€
Brás Style Dried Pomodoro 15,50€
Vegetable Curry with Basmati Rice 14,95€
Mushroom Risotto 15,75€
Broccoli Risotto 15,10€
Capers Risotto with Dried Fruits 15,50€



kids Menu

Tenderloin Steak with Egg, French Fries and White Rice 14,50€
Hamburger with Egg, French Fries and White Rice 11,90€
John Dory Fillets with White Rice 13,50€



Veal Tournedos (Sauces – Roquefort, Black Pepper, Gardens) 24,95€
Veal Tournedos with Cornbread Crumble Seasoned with Aromatic Herbs 24,95€
Fried Tenderloin Steak with Egg 17,50€
Fillet Steak (Sauces – Roquefort, Black Pepper, Gardens) 17,50€
Portuguese Style Fillet Steak 17,50€
Charcoal Grilled Black Pork Strips 17,95€
Pork Meat with Mashed Sautéed Bread and Coriander 15,50€
Game Meat Sausage 14,50€
Duck Magret with Passionfruit Sauce 19,40€



Wood-Fire Grilled Codfish Fillet 20,95€
Brás Style Codfish 15,90€
Grouper and Shrimp Noodles (2 Pax) 41,90€
Grouper and Shrimp Rice (2 Pax) 41,00€
Monkfish Rice Ria Formosa Style (2 Pax) 39,50€
Lagareiro Style Octopus 18,95€
Shellfish Linguine 31,50€
Lobster Curry with Shrimps 35,00€
Smoked Salmon Linguine with Capers 15,95€
Sea Fruits “Cataplana” with Mozambique Prawns (2 Pax) 41,00€
Brás Style Shrimp and Green Asparagus 17,80€
Prawn Risotto with Shiitake Mushrooms 17,50€
John Dory Fillets with Shrimp Rice 17,70€
Grouper (kg) 65,00€
Sea Bass (kg) 54,60€
Turbot (kg) 52,25€
Flounder (kg) 65,00€
Wreckfish (kg) 78,00€
Red Mullet (kg) 75,00€
Gilthead Seabream (kg) 52,10€
Portuguese Style Oven-Roasted Gilthead Seabream (kg) 53,10€
Grilled Tiger Prawns (kg) 95,00€



Game Meat Pie 17,75€
Piglet Pie 17,75€
Codfish Pie 17,75€
Royal Duck Pie 17,75€




Sousel Cheese with Fig Jam 6,95€
Buttered Sheep’s Cheese 8,50€
Buttered Serra Cheese with Toasts 8,60€
Buttery Serra Cheese with Marmalade 10,70€


Pineapple Carpaccio with Lime Zest and Lemon Ice Cream 6,45€
Pineapple Perfumed with Port Wine 6,35€
Pineapple Au Naturel 4,95€
Pineapple with Lime Zest 5,20€
Mango 4,95€
Papaya 4,95€
Orange 2,50€
Kiwi 2,50€



Our Thousand Leaves Stuffed with Egg Jam 6,50€
Egg Pie with Almond Filling 6,75€
Chocolate and Hazelnut Texture 6,80€
Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream 6,95€
Homemade Milk Custard in Apple Purée Bed 4,90€
Sugar-Free Belgian Chocolate Mousse 6,60€
Caramelized Rice Pudding 4,90€
Abade de Priscos Pudding 6,90€
Cheesecake (Passion Fruit or Red Berries) 6,30€
Chocolate Forest 7,50€
Oreo Cookie and Passion Fruit Pie 6,65€
Red Berries Soup with Lemon Ice Cream 6,50€
Sericaia with Candied Elvas Plums 7,25€
Walnut, Honey and Egg Blattertorte 6,95€


Prices include VAT at the current rate.
Dishes subject to change, according to the Chef’s inspiration. Prices subject to change without notice.

Lose yourself in our wine list and let yourself be surprised

And when our Chef gets inspired, delicious things happen! Will you be able to resist?
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