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Traditional Green Beans Tempura with Tartar Sauce 6,70€
Chopped Seasoned Olives 2,25€
Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Asparagus Sprinkled with Ham 6,25€
Garden Style Trilogy of Butters 3,00€
Croquettes of Game Meat Sausage (4 per Serving) 4,60€
Al Ajillo Shrimp 12,00€
Dishevelled Small Shrimp with Lime Mayonnaise (4 per Serving) 6,00€
Goat Cheese Gratin with Wild Berries Jam 6,70€
Palhais Cheese Gratin with Honey and Nuts 6,70€
French Cheese Breaded with Green Pomodoro Chutney 7,00€
Provençal Style Portobello Mushrooms 8,30€
Sautéed Paris Mushrooms with Morrón Peppers
“Farinheira” Smoked Sausage with Scrambled Eggs 7,20€
Bulhão Pato Style Clams 16,00€
Mushrooms Stuffed with Game Meat Sausage 6,20€
Laminated Tomato with Mozzarella and Oregano 5,30€


Mozzarella, Arugula and Basil Salad 9,60€
Goat Cheese Salad with Apple and Walnuts Salad 9,80€
Tropical Salad 9,80€
Shrimp Salad Sprinkled with Parmesan 14,20€
Salmon Salad Perfumed with Seaweed Vinaigrette 14,20€
Soup of the day 3,00€
Soup to your liking (tell us your preferences) * 3,00€


Brás Style Leek 14,55€
Brás Style Dried Pomodoro 14,55€
Vegetable Curry with Basmati Rice 13,90€
Mushroom Risotto 14,60€
Broccoli Risotto 14,10€
Capers Risotto with Dried Fruits 14,10€
kids Menu
Tenderloin Steak with Egg, French Fries and White Rice 13,10€
Hamburger with Egg, French Fries and White Rice 9,80€
John Dory Fillets with White Rice 13,10€
from the earth
Veal Tournedos (Sauces – Roquefort, Black Pepper, Gardens) 19,85€
Veal Tournedos with Cornbread Crumble Seasoned with Aromatic Herbs 19,85€
Fried Tenderloin Steak with Egg 14,60€
Fillet Steak (Sauces – Roquefort, Black Pepper, Gardens) 14,90€
Portuguese Style Fillet Steak 14,90€
Charcoal Grilled Black Pork Strips 15,20€
Pork Meat with Mashed Sautéed Bread and Coriander 12,50€
Game Meat Sausage 12,50€
Duck Magret 16,10€


From the sea
Wood-Fire Grilled Codfish Fillet 17,20€
Brás Style Codfish 13,55€
Grouper and Shrimp Noodles (2 Pax) 39,00€
Grouper and Shrimp Rice (2 Pax) 39,00€
Monkfish Rice Ria Formosa Style (2 Pax) 36,00€
Lagareiro Style Octopus 15,90€
Shellfish Linguine 27,55€
Lobster Curry with Shrimps 27,55€
Smoked Salmon Linguine with Capers 14,55€
Grouper “Cataplana” with Mozambique Prawns (2 Pax) 39,80€
Brás Style Shrimp and Green Asparagus 16,00€
Prawn Risotto with Shiitake Mushrooms 16,00€
John Dory Fillets with Shrimp Rice 16,00€
Grouper (kg) 51,00€
Sea Bass (kg) 42,00€
Turbot (kg) 39,25€
Flounder (kg) 50,35€
Wreckfish (kg) 62,00€
Red Mullet (kg) 58,15€
Gilthead Seabream (kg) 37,10€
Portuguese Style Oven-Roasted Gilthead Seabream (kg) 39,10€
Grilled Tiger Prawns (kg) 79,00€


Chef’s Style Game Meat Pie 16,00€
Mixed Vegetable Pie 13,95€
Tuna Pie 14,70€
Santos’s Style Piglet Pie 16,00€
Codfish Pie 15,40€
Royal Duck Pie 14,45€
Seafood Pie 17,50€



Grana Padano Cheese 16 Months Sliced 6,50€
Sapata Cheese (Alentejo) with Fig Jam 6,95€
Azeitão Cheese 6,20€
Buttered Serra Cheese with Toasts 7,10€
Buttery Serra Cheese with Marmalade
Our Thousand Leaves Stuffed with Egg Jam 5,10€
Egg Pie with Almond Filling 6,15€
Chocolate and Hazelnut Texture 6,10€
Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice Cream 6,90€
Homemade Milk Custard in Apple Purée Bed 4,90€
Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse 5,95€
Caramelized Rice Pudding 4,90€
Rice pudding with cinnamon 4,90€
Cheesecake (Orange, Passion Fruit, Red Berries) 5,60€
Jivara Chocolate Cheesecake with Raspberries 6,10€
Red Berries Soup with Lemon Ice Cream 5,60€
Weekend special dishes
Portuguese Stew with Tradicional Sausages 15,55€
Baked Goat in the Oven 16,95€

When to order

Monday to Saturday: 12h30 – 15h30 e das 19h30 – 22h30
Sunday: 12h30 – 15h30


*Dishes are subject to availability disponibility

Menu of the day

The menu of the day is also available for take away and delivery, see on our social networks !

Delivery conditions

Minimum value for free deliveries in Lisbon (up to 15km): 50,00€

Value by distance (km):
0 – 3 km: 3,90€
4 – 7 km: 5,50€
8 – 11 km: 6,90€
12 – 15 km: 15,00€


  • We do not accept cash payments, unless it is the right purchase amount, we will not provide change. We accept payments by MB, VISA, MBWAY and bank transfer to IBAN (PT50-0033-0000-45504925763-05 – Gardens Alcoutins Restauração Lda)
  • Request the invoice when placing the order
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